Some of our most asked question’s

We have the largest integrated operation in the country with reference to poultry growing, having own hatcheries, own breeder farming and broiler farming and own feed mills and finally state of the art modern poultry processing and further processing plant with the best equipment of the Europe, UAS, Japan. We have our own cold supply chain operation within the whole country to ensure the safe and sound supply of goods to the end customers / retail shops / stores. We are using the best ingredient of the world renowned companies like Newlyweds from Ireland and Kerry from USA for our further processing products.


We have developed and implemented the system at each step, further we are audited for worldwide acceptable food quality, safety and Halal management systems like HACCP, ISO 9001-2015, FSSC 22000 and HALAL. So we can guarantee that our chicken and chicken products are healthy/safe for use.

Yes, our chicken and chicken products are quite safe for children and for all age groups.

As per printed best before date on packaging, it is safe for use for one year if we store it in freezer at or less than -18 oC.

It is just a myth that broiler growers give hormones to birds, actually it is not feasible to give hormone to chicken, hormones are broken down into individual amino acids in stomach, so cannot perform their function as hormone, few steroids can be given only through injection, but it requires daily injection, which is again not feasible to apply daily injection to huge number of birds at farm, this practice would also be very costly, so nobody is giving hormones or steroids to chicken. It is just a breed with characteristics of more weight gain just like few breeds of cow produce higher volume of milk or few wheat varieties produce higher yield than others. Besides, our chicken can be tested in any laboratory for hormone residue. In addition to that, no hormones/steroids are used in the chicken industry by ANY processor or chicken grower worldwide since it’s scientifically and economically not possible. Furthermore, the use of any hormone/steroid is strictly banned in the poultry industry.