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About Us

Sabirs’ Group (the parent company of Sabroso) carries a history that covers decades of experience, expertise, patriotism and

commitment to providing better nutrition to the nation. We nurture, manage and produce the best quality chicken by controlling

all stages of poultry production under one umbrella and ensure quality through testing at every step of the way.

Using cutting edge research, development and production techniques,

we bring you the naturally flavorful premium chicken products free of harmful ingredients and preservatives.

Thus, we have the largest integrated poultry operation in the country and our own cold supply chain operation to ensure

that our products arrive fresh and healthy for you.


When we say the word specialist we literally mean it as Sabroso has a deep rooted-history associated with poultry farming.

Our sole aim is to fulfill the protein needs of our nation by providing healthy and hygienic chicken at an affordable price.

This vision, along with decades of experience and research & development finally, Sabroso came into existence being backed up by a strong integrated
setup of Sabir’s poultry.

This fully integrated system allows traceability to becomes very easy thus we can say for sure the chicken from our farms to your folk are 100% healthy
and hygienic for you and your loved ones. Also with the vast knowledge and expertise in poultry farming the precautions plus the standards set help to
yield the quality bird which is monitored at every step thus enables us to guarantee that our chicken is free from harmful chemicals and hormones.

So enjoy our protein-rich chicken products with your loved ones and stay happy & healthy.

Who are we?

Enthusiasts of food for mind, body and soul

Enthusiasts of food for mind, body and soul

Our story is of love and commitment to health & quality.

We believe that you and your loved ones deserve delicious, hygienic and affordable chicken.

We are committed to bringing the top-notch protein-rich products, which is in compliance with

internationally recognized and recommended health & safety standards.

So, get ready to warm your kitchens and your hearts with Sabroso and

discover a world of scrumptious chicken delights.


At Sabroso, it‘s all about commitment to health & quality.Fire up your cook potsand prepare for a world of scrumptious chicken delights.



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